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The CMMC certification is the Department of Defense response to significant compromises of sensitive defense information located on contractors' information systems.


To continue to compete for DOD contracts your company must be CMMC certified.


Understanding important information about the certification can give your organization
a head start on this critical project.

The SkillMentor CMMC Level 1 Requirements & Readiness Course will provide details on:


  • CMMC Framework

  • CMMC Maturity Levels

  • Core Domains & Capabilities

  • How to Scope your CMMC Assessment

  • CMMC Level Practices by Security Domain

  • The CMMC Certification Path

  • Steps to Reach CMMC Certification

  • What Certified Assessors will be looking for

  • Executing the Official Third-Party Assessment


This information can save your organization valuable time and can be an integral to your certification success.


Register today for Self-Paced CMMC Level 1 Requirements and Readiness Course


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