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CYSA+ CSO-002 - Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Importance of Threat Data and Intelligence

Chapter 3: Utilizing Threat Intelligence to Support Organizational Security

Chapter 4: Vulnerability Management Activities

Chapter 5: Analyzing Assessment Output

Chapter 6: Threats and Vulnerabilities Associated with Specialized Technology

Chapter 7: Threats and Vulnerabilities Associated with Operating in the Cloud

Chapter 8: Implementing Controls to Mitigate Attacks and Software Vulnerabilities

Chapter 9: Security Solutions for Infrastructure Management Chapter 10: Software Assurance Best Practices

Chapter 11: Hardware Assurance Best Practices

Chapter 12: Analyzing Data as Part of Security Monitoring Activities

Chapter 13: Implementing Configuration Changes to Existing Controls to Improve Security

Chapter 14: The Importance of Proactive Threat Hunting

Chapter 15: Automation Concepts and Technologies

Chapter 16: The Incident Response Process

Chapter 17: Applying the Appropriate Incident Response Procedure

Chapter 18: Analyzing Potential Indicators of Compromise

Chapter 19: Utilizing Basic Digital Forensics Techniques

Chapter 20: The Importance of Data Privacy and Protection

Chapter 21: Applying Security Concepts in Support of Organizational Risk Mitigation

Chapter 22: The Importance of Frameworks, Policies, Procedures, and Controls

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