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Strengthen your security Infrastructure with certified personnel

Comptia Certifications
Cisco Certification
EC-COUNCIL Certification
Offensive Security Certification

In today's world, information Systems are more complex than ever before. There are many options that provide convenient data access to sometimes sensitive information. Malicious Actors can utilize a multitude of vectors to gain unauthorized access to this information. The days of addressing incidents after they occur to provide adequate cybersecurity are long gone. Being proactive with offensive security measures are essential to maintaining a secure infrastructure. Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting strategies are an absolute requirement these days to protect organizations from costly data breaches. The cost of data exfiltration is not limited to upgrading security controls and security policies but also involves something much more costly, your organization reputation. 

These costs become amplified when dealing with sensitive military data and resources. It is imperative that SOC's and security administrative staff be trained on the latest technologies. Military requirements often mandate that personnel be certified on these technologies to allow access to secure systems.  Understanding the concepts and technical details to implement a secure infrastructure is important and applying this knowledge to be successful on the official certification exam is equally important to reach the certification goal. SkillMentor Bootcamps can provide both the technical details and the Exam Preparation and Test taking strategies for personnel to be successful on official exams.  

ISACA Certification
ISC Certification
SANS Certification
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