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Security+ SY0-601 - Course Outline

Chapter 1: Security fundamentals
Module A: Security concepts

Module B: Enterprise security strategy

Module C: Security program components

Chapter 2: Risk management
Module A: Understanding threats

Module B: Risk management programs

Module C: Security assessments

Chapter 3: Cryptography
Module A: Cryptography concepts

Module B: Public key infrastructure

Chapter 4: Network connectivity
Module A: Network attacks

Module B: Packet flow

Chapter 5: Network security technologies
Module A:  Network security components

Module B: Monitoring tools

Chapter 6: Secure network configuration
Module A: Secure network protocols

Module B: Hardening networks

Chapter 7: Authentication
Module A: Authentication factors

Module B: Authentication protocols

Chapter 8: Access control
Module A: Access control principles

Module B: Account management

Chapter 9: Securing hosts and data
Module A: Malware

Module B: Securing data

Module C: Securing hosts

Chapter 10: Securing specialized systems
Module A: Mobile security

Module B: Embedded and specialized systems

Chapter 11: Application security
Module A: Application attacks

Module B: Securing applications

Chapter 12: Cloud security
Module A: Virtual and cloud systems

Module B: Securing cloud services

Chapter 13: Organizational security
Module A: Social engineering

Module B: Security policies

Module C: User roles and training

Module D: Physical security and safety

Chapter 14: Disaster planning and recovery
Module A: Business continuity

Module B: Resilient systems

Module C: Incident response procedures


Appendix A: Glossary

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