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SkillMentor Salesperson Referral Program

Person Referring Our Services

Salesperson Information

SkillMentor is seeking experienced and motivated Salespersons for our Commission Only Account Executive position.

Candidate must have Business to Business Sales experience.

We are offering a $100.00 bonus to anyone that sends a Salesperson referral our way and that referral generates a sale for SkillMentor.

The position offers a lucrative 20% commission on student net profit, plus a 2% bonus for sales over $20,000 in a calendar month.

The referral fee will be paid to the referring person within 7 days of completion of the class the Salesperson generated revenue for. 

So what are you waiting for?  If you know of any qualified Salespersons, make them aware of this opportunity.

To register a referral, please fill in the Referral Form and include your mailing address

We require your mailing address to send the referral fee check to you.


Thanks for submitting!

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